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Alctron LS009 (Stand Laptop DJ)

Alctron LS009 (Stand Laptop DJ)

Kode Produk: ALC10001
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Harga: Rp 399.000

A simply-designed value-packed laptop stand with a solid-steel construction, offering ease of setup and great value! 

Often the most convenient products come with the most inconvenient price tag, but the Alctron LS009 combines convenience and value into one.

Its one of the strongest, yet simple, affordable laptop stands available today.
Boasting a solid steel construction, the Alctron LS009 can be assembled in a matter of moments, and is designed to work in the most demanding environments.
The Alctron LS009 comes equipped with adhesive on its feet to minimize unwanted traction, and an overall size ready to fit any laptop from 13 to 18.

LS009 is a versatile laptop stand, it can adjust to 4 heights.
LS009 can be assembled in 3 different configurations
1. Made, Light & Strong.
2. Special Designed Lock Knob,Easy to Lock.
3. All are Foldaway, Floded together like a thick Paper to Save More Space.

Product Features
Adhesive feet allow the stand to be secured anywhere
Height = 30cm
Accomodates full size (up to 18) laptops
Stable, streamlined design
Steel frame construction

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