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Sticktwirl USA : Drum Stick Grip

Sticktwirl USA : Drum Stick Grip

Kode Produk: STI10001
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Harga: Rp 245.000

StickTwirl is an attachment for drumsticks - designed to enhance showmanship, control and playability for all drummers. It increases speed, agility and its ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. Its virtually invisible!

StickTwirl slides onto your drumstick and creates a perfect and consistent fulcrum point. When you first hold the StickTwirl, it feels natural, because it doesn't change your grip.

StickTwirl is made up of a flexible polymer with tension and high material memory.

The Diameter of the StickTwirl flexes to the size of your drumsticks [7A - Marching Sticks].

The material used creates a sleek polymer surface for unrestricted movement.

StickTwirl is small enough to where it doesn't add any extra weight to your drum sticks.