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Kode Produk: ISK10002
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Sound Reflection Filter - Stage or Studio Isolation Baffle

iSK RF-9 is a stylish portable reflection filter that can be used to isolate a microphone when recording, to reduce room ambiance, reflected sound and external noise. The RF-9 is perfect for home studios and location recordings where a room may not have acoustic treatment. The booth can be mounted on any standard mic stand.

- Perfect solution for group recordings in a studio or on location
- Effectively diffuses acoustic waves surrounding the microphone keeping the sound from bouncing back toward the microphone, controlling reflected sound waves that can cause coloration
- Bridge shaped sound-absorptive foam to reduce reflections, bleed and maximise diffusion.
- 5/8" size thread for mic stand mounting
- Dimensions:(W) 560mm x (H) 310mm x (D) 170mm, Weight: 1.28Kg


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