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Merk: ZOOM
Kode Produk: ZOOM G3X
Harga: Rp 2.200.000

Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator!

  • Use and edit up to six models of effects and amps at the same time
  • New scroll function for the three screens, making it easy to edit any of the up to six simultaneous effects
  • Automatic saving of effect parameter changes
  • Easily rearrange the effects as you like in the chain
  • In addition to models of 13 amps that are among the best in the world, 9 new amp models have been added that are so realistic they include harmonics
  • The G3 include vintage wah-wah modeling, so you can use an expression pedal to get that classic sound
  • Evolution of tube amp simulation
  • The newest generation of DSP: ZFX-IV
  • Looper function with 40-second phrase recording/overdubbing
  • USB audio interface for DAW recording
  • Integrated drum machine
  • 100 versatile effects on-board
  • Balanced XLR output for DI use
  • Runs on batteries, AC adapter, or USB power
  • World's fastest patch change speed: 1ms.

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